The #1 thing new moms must have


December 13, 2021

The #1 Thing New Moms Must Have

When you are a first-time mom there are so many things to learn about your baby and what you must have. I remember how hard it was to narrow down what I actually needed while I was pregnant with my first and coming up with our registry. Stroller – check, Baby carrier – check, Crib – check, Clothes – check, Diaper – check (we did cloth…call me crazy!), Carseat – Check. But there are sooo many options out there. After having 3 children myself, I sat down with my friend and Life Coach, Anna Story to share a few tips on things a new mom should know. These few tips will really come in handy when faced with so many new Mom struggles. Believe me…I’ve been there. It’s easier to cope with new mom stress when you know you aren’t alone!

Mama – you are enough! .”

New parents holding baby and kissing  his head in a newborn picture.

In this second blog of the New Mom Wisdom Series, Anna and I will share the one thing that new moms must-have. We wished we had known this as Mama-to-be’s and even after multiple kids. I have three littles and Anna has five…including twins!

What’s Another Thing New Moms Must Have?

You only have 2 hands…

Free them up!

I know some diaper bags are super cute!
And…the pockets! Think of all the stuff you can put in them, right?
It can be hard to resist them. However, they will end up in the closet either unused or used once. They just aren’t practical.

So free your hands up and get a backpack. 🎒And then organize it with some small reusable bags or ziplock bags so you can grab and go.

I love the Osprey brand and after doing some research this Mom from Well Traveled Nebraskan said that the Nebula from Osprey worked wonders for her as a diaper backpack. They make great backpacks and you will use it for five years. You can use it afterward for anything else, but it doesn’t look like a cute diaper bag.😢 Which is ok, because you have your cute little one to steal the show.

New parents holding newborn baby in arms on a bed.

I had this backpack too and it served me well for three babies when I figured out that the over-the-shoulder messenger bag style just didn’t work because I needed my hands more often than not.

If you do get one let me know how it works for you.

Do you want more tips like this one and missed tip #1 you can read the blog post and watch the video here.
The first tip is about the one thing that we as new momma’s dread and celebrate. Yep. We share about all things poop. So make sure you check out that New Mom Wisdom Tip #1.

Mom-to-be in the Northern Indiana Area…

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