New Mom Wisdom Tip #1


October 12, 2021

Join Anna Story and me while we share what we wished we would have known as new moms.

How long does it really take to adjust to being a new Mom? After having 3 children myself, I sat down with my friend and Life Coach, Anna Story to share a few tips on things to know as a new mom. These few tips will really come in handy when faced with so many new Mom struggles. Believe me…I’ve been there. It’s easier to cope with new mom stress when you know you aren’t alone!

“There is no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a good one.”

In this New Mom Wisdom Series, Anna and I will be sharing tips that are what we wished we had known as Mama-to-be’s and even after multiple kids. I have three littles and Anna has five…including twins!

Cover for new mom tips with a mom holding newborn baby.

You celebrate it & dread it


The first tip has to do with of all things…poop.💩 You never knew that being a mom would have you rejoice in the first poop, then manage more of it than you ever thought you would. This first tip is one that you need to know now if you don’t already…

Blow-outs happen!

I’m not talking about getting your hair styled either. To eliminate the poop in the hair and every where else when your little has one of these epic episodes in a onesie…make sure you DO NOT take the onesie off over their head.

I repeat…do not pull it over their head. 👶 🚫

Roll the onesie down from the shoulders to keep all that baby poop corralled to your baby’s lower half. It works…and you’ll be so glad you learned this sooner than later.

Also, let’s talk about Wet Bags…have you heard of them?  They are amazing!!!

Small and lightweight, my favorite were the ones that had a pocket to keep dry clothes/diapers in on the outside and then a second pocket with the inside lined with a special material to keep the wet stuff contained to it.  I’m still using the originals I bought for cloth diapers for my first baby over seven years ago!!! They are now perfect for camp to hold a swimsuit and towel and still going strong.

So…keep a change of clothes in your diaper bag and also one car in a wet bag. You will eventually use both.

My favorite wet bags I purchased through Nicki’s Diapers are from their Planet Wise line. Here is a link to the Wet/Dry Bag and just a regular wet bag.  I found the medium size to be perfect for every day.  If you happen to use my link, you’ll get 15% off your first purchase too!

Stay Tuned for the next New Mom Wisdom Tip!

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