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Each portrait of your family at this moment in time will capture the memory of “what they were like when”. These are moments you do not want to forget. They are amazing and wonderful. 

How will you remember?

the details

Interested in a session with Always Images? Reach out using our contact form or by calling us at 574-598-0022. We'll set up a time to chat! We know you'll love all that we do and invite you to see everything in person at the studio for your Design & Planning Consultation. 
  • Heirloom Canvases & Framed Wall Art
  • Custom Designed Albums

initial meeting

"So, How Do You Want To Display Your Images?" This is always the first question and gives us a direction. Knowing the answer helps us create a plan for your session, capture it in the best possible way, and create images you will love forever and ever.

Show me where you'd like to see your images! We'll ask you to take pictures of your walls or give me a virtual tour so we can shoot your session with the end goal in mind. Your style is important and we want your family's artwork to match! 

Do you love albums? We will plan for that too! And if you love both...well, we think that's amazing! The gift to your children you create with your session artwork is one that is priceless. 


Pre-Session ConsulT

Does picking out what you should wear scare you? Don't worry...we love helping design a session to match your home and clothing is a part of that! We are here to guide you with choices from our client closet, selections from  your own wardrobe or make recommendations for purchases to create a timeless look. We are all about offering services to make this an amazing and non-stressful process! 

Do you want your hair and make-up done? We can help you coordinate it too! 

prepping for your shoot

We'll pick a place and time perfect for your needs! Come ready to relax and have fun! 

If you're a new parent, be ready to take a rest as we soothe your newborn into a deep sleep and capture the features of the tiniest member of your family. Becky and her assistant will have everything taken care of so you can take a little break!

For Families and Culver Academies students, be ready to go, go, go! Our goal is to help you remember this season in life when you look back on it for years to come! 

your session day

The most exciting part of any session is the images reveal appointment where you'll come to the Always Images studio where you will be presented with a slideshow of your images. During this time, we will help you narrow down the choices to your favorites with specialty software and select the images to design your custom art pieces and portrait collection. We will show you the actual size of enlarged images on your own walls and create custom artwork for your home to treasure for years to come.

Your Family. Your Home. Your Love.  

We’ll help make it all come together on your walls. 

presentation of gallery &
ordering of images

from meeting to delivery

the process

Did you know that the lifespan of a USB drive is only ten years? Have you ever had a computer hard drive die and lose everything?

But...do you still have those photographic prints from your grandparents and great grandparents? Did you know the life of an archival print is at least 100 years? We want your family's art to be around for generations!

Why Fine Art? 

*Do you want to create a legacy heirloom for your baby, little one, family or Culver student?  This is perfect for you!!!

Legacy Story Sessions includes multiple sessions and could be Newborn and first year, a growing family series or your child's time at the Culver Academies.

"Children are not things to be molded, but people to be unfolded."


Are you having a new baby? Time to update your family's walls with current art of your most loved people? Do you have a Senior or First Classman at the Culver Academies that didn't do a Legacy Series of portraits? 

We offer Single Portrait Sessions too! Reach out using the contact form below and we can figure out exactly what you need together!



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