How to Remember Culver Winter School Memories

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March 5, 2021

Culver Legacy

How will your child’s Culver Winter School legacy be remembered when they grow older? There’s something special about spending time in Culver, be it at the Culver Academies for Winter School, Woodcraft or Upper Camp or just being with your family and enjoying Lake Maxinkuckee. One thing I’ve learned over the years I’ve lived in Culver is time slips away. Especially after having my own three children and watching them grow up so fast!

Legacy Album to Remember Culver Days

Often Culver Academies students come from all over the world and parents aren’t able to visit their child as often as they’d like to see them. With changes during 2020-2021, where there wasn’t leave for students or breaks, many parents found themselves really missing seeing their kids and I received calls from many wanting to document the moments they weren’t able to be there for, in freshman, sophomore, juniors and senior classes. That’s right, not just Seniors. And why not? Each year at Winter School really is special and each summer at Culver for camp is too. It’s not just about the end of the days there when each child is ready to move on to the next adventure in life. Those Culver Days moments are part of the story. The story of being at Culver.

What is a Legacy Session?

I’m honored to tell the story for each student and family I work with at Culver. Their story. What they love most, their sports, their favorite activities, their friends. With that in mind, I am excited to release our Legacy Sessions. Three sessions…make it one for freshman, sophomore, junior years…or choose to do two a year. Want to do Spring and Fall (this is a favorite way my seniors tell their Culver Days stories)…add on a session at a special Legacy portrait rate. We want your child to remember the time they spent here in Culver and we want them to have something tangible to look at when it’s all over in a year, five years…twenty years. Pick from our Signature Art Products – Fine Art Albums, Framed prints or canvases or the Custom Image Box. Each year is special and we can’t wait to make sure it is always there to remember!

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