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Always Images is a Culver Academies Preferred Photographer since 2012. Becky's husband and his many family members, are graduates of both summer and winter for multiple generations. 


Seniors year is so special. It is an end and yet a beginning. Many Seniors choose to do both a Fall and Spring session to document their final story with all of the awards and ranks earned throughout the year.Their Culver story may be ending, but their next adventure awaits. 

Culver Days

Do you have a Freshman, Sophomore or Junior at Culver for Winter School? It's truly amazing how much each student grows and changes in their years there.
They won't realize it when they start, but in the end, these sessions will tell their whole story!


Summer at Culver! Is there anything better as a kid? If your child is at Woodcraft or Upper Camp, their story changes every year. Each summer I work with just a few families who have campers to capture in parades and a special individual portrait session on campus.

Featured  Sessions

Culver Academies

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