quick facts about me

A paleontologist? A pediatrician? An archeologist? I ended up pursuing the care of children and families as a pediatric nurse and nurse practitioner. From tiny babies born extremely early in the NICU to children with heart defects, seizures, severe allergies and even long term ventilator dependent...I loved working with them all! And photographer. That one has stuck. With all of that in mind, I bring safety and a nurse's care to each of the tiny newborns I work with and a great appreciation for life to every session I am honored to be chosen by a family to document their story. 

Some day when I grow up I want to be...
Do you remember that question? My answer sure has changed... 


+ We had years of infertility and thought our oldest might be an only...oh how we were surprised to be blessed by two more babies. 

+ I grew up in Rochester, NY...home of Kodak and received my first camera at age five for Christmas. 

+ I have done all of my PhD coursework in nursing. 

+ I worked at the National Institutes of Health as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I thought that was my dream job...

+ I've sailed in a World Championship in the Dartmouth, UK (brrr...so cold). Sailing is a part of my every day, as our other company is www.Sail22.com 

quick facts about me

My favorites would be my family...married to my husband, Ed Furry, since 2011, we have been blessed with three miracle babies. Our first was a less than once percent chance (we'd done IUI and were about to start IVF when we found out we were pregnant)! The two little ones that followed in the next two years were bonuses and completed our family. They are by far my favorite people! 

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My husband grew up coming to Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee to their family cottage. He also went through Culver Academies Upper Camp and loved it. 

We head to St. Petersburg, Florida in the winter because of sailing. Plus...it's cold in Culver! 

Culver & St. Pete?

Why do you live in

Just hand me a mojito on a summer's night and I'm happy. 

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Even before having kids, I found looking at images brought back all the memories of the moment. I spent my childhood days happily looking through my family's picture albums and fell in love with my grandparents ones too which told their love story. 


Why I became a

Summer by far. I love my days at Lake Maxinkuckee in Culver, Indiana with my family. Since my parents were teachers growing up, we spent from the last day of school until Labor Day at our lake cottage in New York. Summers on Lake Max with my family bring back all the good memories and I love that my kids will have similar ones!

is summer

my favorite season

I'd have to say Eleuthera...my husband's family has a home there and it's so incredibly beautiful. 

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my favorite

Otherwise...you'll find my days filled with sailing (Ed and I started Sail2 in 2007 and work with racing sailors from all over), homeschooling our little ones and hosting Airbnb guests at our wedding venue, Lake Max Meadows, when there isn't an event. I often have a Starbucks pink drink or a vanilla chai tea in hand because three kids equals the need for a giant amount of caffeine and I'm always on the go! We spend our summers at Lake Maxinkuckee where the Always Images Studio is located, enjoying family and friends at the lake and then off to St. Petersburg, Florida for winters. I love to travel and have been so fortunate to put many stamps in my passport with plans to add more in the future! 

I like to stay busy...

you'll hear from me shortly.

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